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PILATES CIRCUIT: small group fitness classes offering a contemporary and dynamic approach to Reformer and equipment Pilates in Fulham, South Kensington and Wandsworth.

If you need to increase your core strength or range of mobility or just want to want get rid of that chronic back pain that’s been bugging you for years then Pilates Circuit may have the answer and be a very affordable and fun way to achieve your goals.


Our spacious studios are well positioned in the heart of Wandsworth, South Kensington and on the Fulham High Street.

Pilates Circuit, Wandsworth


We offer Reformer classes or large apparatus Circuit classes using the Reformer, Combo Chair and Fuse Ladder.

Pilates Circuit, Wandsworth


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Pilates Circuit, Wandsworth

Intro Offer: 2 classes £25.00

10 Pack Classes £240.00

“I've been practicing Reformer Pilates during years and I can say that this is an excellent place to keep practicing for three reasons. First reason is that they don't just include Reformer in the class but also other machines to build a Circuit that makes the class very enjoyable. Second reason is the quality of the teachers that sometimes is difficult to find in other studios. And third reason is the studio, a big place in the heart of Wandsworth Town, well designed and with a lot of light.”


“I have always loved coming to Elliot's classes. Elliot and all of his staff are extremely knowledgable and attentive and the classes are enjoyable, challenging and leave you feeling toned and satisfied. I have had a very long break from exercise due to complications in pregnancy and could not be happier with how I feel about myself after just three sessions.”


“The studio is bright and airy, very clean and perfect for a great workout experience. Elliot’s class is perfect for anyone who’s never done Pilates on a reformer before, but still a good workout, so I keep coming back. He’s super knowledgeable and attentive.”


“LOVED my first Circuit class. Elliot is a fantastic instructor, he was very attentive throughout the session and provided detailed cues, explanations and corrections with some hilarious analogies to get us to attain the correct posture. LOVED the jump board bit too, great for runners like me to improve leg power and strength.”


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