Class is intense and will condition the whole body, whipping you into shape in no time at all.

The class will boost your fitness, strength and stamina, while also burning fat!

No prior experience is necessary, as the 50-minute class will cater for all levels of fitness. You can trust our expert instructors to make sure you get a challenging workout whatever your level of fitness.

The class is perfect for anyone looking to improve muscle tone and increase their fitness.

Reformer Only

Love Reformer? Expect an intense full body workout using just the Pilates Refomer. Simple.

Classes are limited to a maximum of five people.

Reformer Only classes are currently not on our schedule but will start soon.

Core/ All Levels

This work out will activate your core muscles. These muscles work as a group to help stabilize and control the spine.

Training the core muscles will prevent injuries and teach you good mechanics when either working or exercising properly.