What to expect

PILATES Circuit has been designed to introduce the best equipment the Pilates World has to offer to the people of Wandsworth… and beyond. The studio is not just full of machines that you would usually only see in a Physiotherapy unit and wonder how on earth they are used, but also include some extremely innovative products that have not quite ‘hit’ London yet. We think you should get to have a play on these genius bits of kit and find out for yourself ways to develop ‘ninja’ like strength and mobility without the bulk of someone who typically only trains in the gym.

How many times have you been told by the Physio to take up Pilates in order to stop getting injured? How may time have you said to yourself “I need to work on my core to ease my back pain”?

How many times have you thought I need to be more flexible/mobile but I don’t like the idea of having to hold someone elses’ sweaty thigh in a Yoga class while dedicating the class to a loved one or pet? (I mean you can do the last one if you wish but just keep it to yourself!)

It’s a fun relaxed studio environment and is run more like a circuit class where people can train in small groups before moving onto the next set of machines. One of the stations is a set of five fuse ladders. We are pretty excited about being the first studio on London to offer the Fuse Ladder as part of a studio workout. The fuse ladder is a powerhouse of a workout within its own right. It tough and fun, capturing moves you haven’t done since you were a kid on the playground. With a focus on standing work (and climbing and hanging) it’s the perfect antidote to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live in. We also have the much loved Reformer (which have now in been in Studios like Bootcamp Pilates for 15 years) and the devilishly hard Combo Chair. It’s difficult to describe this one but just let one of our very experienced qualified instructors look after you for the 50 minute workout and show you how easy it is to increase your mobility and target those specific muscle groups that you found previously tough to strengthen. It’s expensive to keep going back to the Physio and be told the same thing over and over again “you know you should really try Pilates”… so here we are, right on the high street next to enormous Southside shopping centre and opposite the Pure Gym Health Club and Town Hall.

Why not try our Core Class or Glute Lab which purely focus on strengthening those areas of your body if you know that’s what you need. “They do exactly what it says on the tin!”

Pilates Wandsworth
Pilates Wandsworth